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♦ Awards

  • ’10 Governor of Jeollabukdo (award for fostering innovative regional agricultural human resources)

  • ’13 Governor of Jeollabukdo (outstanding award in agricultural foods and idea processing product contest)

  • ’13 Head of Rural Development Administration (Outstanding in dispersing electronic trade of agricultural products)

  • ’13 Head of Jeollabukdo’s Agricultural Research Services (Outstanding shopping mall)

  • ’14 Governor of Jeollabukdo (selected as star micro enterprise of Jeollabukdo)

  • ’16 Governor of Jeollabukdo (Selection as top 100 Jeollabukdo’s tourism souvenir)

  • ’16 Head of Agricultural Research Services (Agricultural goods good packaging award)



♦ Certifications and Intellectual Property

  • Agricultural integration industry business certification (6th industry), selected as small and medium sized company fusing agriculture-trade, venture corporation certification (agricultural fodos)

  • ISO9001, ISO14001 Certification
  • Trademark (Registration No. 40-0936036, registration 40-1200267)
  • Design (Registration No. 30-0847354, No. 30-0871257)

  • Patented technology transfer(Stir-fried red bean tea bag, red bean beverage with anti-oxidation substances, Registration No. 10-1429232)
  • Traditional food quality certification (Mixed grain powder, foods, Tradition No. 807)
  • Governor-approved product certification (Certification No. 2017-01)



♦ Enforcement of cooperation with cooperating farms to provide the raw materials continuously and stably

  • Provision of stable materials and standardization of materials through contracted farming with cooperating farms
  • Promotion of mutual growth through cooperation by constructing a material provision system with cooperating farms



♦ The clean system and processing technologies of production automation factory

  • Clean automation line to produce mixed grain powder and other powders
  • Core technology from the processing expertise of powders and teas



♦ Company-customized promotion product development and large trading companies

  • Operation of restaurant industry representing the current region and fixed trading companies in Seoul, Gyeonggido and Jeju Island



♦ Concentration on online sales

  • Operation of company homepage, direct sales to customers utilizing large shopping mall (Coupang, Timon, 10×10, Diaso Mall, open market, company mall (BC Card, KB Card, Hana Tour)