Black bean powder mixed grains

Black bean powder mixed grains



Most outstanding prize in agricultural food idea processing product contest / Small and medium sized company HIT500 product selection / Traditional food quality certification / Selection as top 100 Jeollabukdo tourism souvenir / Agricultural foods good packaging design outstanding award / Governor approved product certification




♦ Product Characteristic

  • Materials: Barley (domestic) 35%, brown glutinous rice (domestic) 20%, brown rice (domestic) 20%, black bean (domestic) 10%, black rice (domestic) 7%, white bean (domestic) 5%, sorghum (domestic) 2%, black sesame (domestic) 1% / No additives
  • Weight: 300g (20g x 15 units)
  • Price: 9,900 won
  • Consumption method: 1 stick in 200ml of milk or water
  • Characteristic: Black food containing much black bean, black sesame and black rice abundant in antocyanin


♦ New-concept “Black bean powdered grain black bean”

  • The convenience of storage and carrying around, prevention of oxidation, stick packaging to consume needed amounts
  • Frying of 8 grains at optimal temperature to maximize absorption of nutrition and taste
  • Expansion of market share through communication with consumer through sensational branding and design
  • Snack conveniently used in hiking, leisure sports and travelling
  • Contribution to the domestic agricultural goods consumption through consumption easy as coffee