Company Introduction






Design nongboo, a legal entity agricultural company packaging domestic agricultural products in small packages and processes them to trade with outstanding domestic companies and consumers to lead agricultural added goods and consumption of domestic agricultural goods.


The main products are small packages of grains, grain gift set, grain powder, products from associate farms and company-customized products. We have been selected as a star micro enterprise in Jeollabukdo by carrying out the process from production, processing, distribution and sales in one-stop.



♦ Company Outline

  • Establishment Date : Establishment of Design nongboo Inc. as a legal agricultural company in November 2011
  • Number of Customers : Approximately 13,000 (10,000 online / 3,000 offline)
  • Products : Rice, mixed grain, beans, processed goods, products from affiliated farms, gift sets, company promotion products


♦ Vision and Goals

– Vision

  • Agricultural company producing differentiated values

– Goal

  • Prioritizing the trust of the consumer with the ideal “we will embody noting but honesty” to become South Korea’s notable agricultural company

  • Growth as a good company providing good foods through cooperation with the producer, with the principle of safety- trust – stability.

  • Actualizing future-oriented agricultural management by creating the values of sensational branding and innovative package design