Stir-fried Red Bean Powder

Stir-fried Red Bean Powder



♦ Product Characteristic

  • Material: 100% red bean (domestic) / No additives
  • Weight: 300g (20g x 15 units)
  • Price: 11,900 won
  • Consumption method: 1 stick in 200ml of milk or water


♦ Red –bean powder containing anti-oxidation substance

  • Safe- Trust – Stable product from the anti-oxidation patent of stir-fried red bean
  • 1 time stick for the convenience of carrying around, anti-oxidation, and consumption of specific amount
  • Fun consumption in red bean porridge or red bean water according to the amount or temperature of water
  • May be consumed conveniently as snack or meal due to the fiber and satisfaction of red bean
  • Helps removing bodily wastes and lessening of bodily fat through saponin and potassium of red bean